<G23> question

My question relates to rule <G23>.

[quote=Rule <G23>]
SUPER CELL scoring – During the last 20 seconds of the MATCH, the PAYLOAD SPECIALIST may launch the available SUPER CELLS over the Alliance Station Wall and into the CRATER. The PAYLOAD SPECIALIST can SCORE a SUPER CELL by launching it into a TRAILER. If a SUPER CELL is launched into the CRATER before the last 20 seconds of the MATCH, then two (2) PENALTIES will be assigned.[/quote]

Does this mean super cells can NOT be scored by robots? I understand that 20 seconds is not very long, but I can’t tell if this rule explicitly forbids robots from scoring super cells. Any ideas?

No, My understanding is that Robots can score super cells but it must be within the last 20 seconds of the match.

But it might be better to wait until the official Q&A is up.

It also says that 2 penalties will be assessed. Does that mean that 20 points will be deducted?

Penalties are defined as being a 10 point deduction. If the super cells are introduced into the crater earlier than with 20 seconds remaining, 20 points will be deducted.

EDIT: This is nice, because there’s no gain at all from introducing the cells early. It’s a net loss even if you manage to score them. (15 points)

Each penalty is 10pts off, so two would make 20 off

I disagree with it being completely nice. Yes, it’s fair if the super cell is scored, but if the super cell is not score, then it seems excessive to me.

so you want the rules to be even tougher, so that if you shoot it early and don’t score, it’s only 10 pts, and if it does score it’s 20? Come on, they made the rule so it cancels out the points. Play by the rules, or get penalized, that’s life.

If you fail to score it in the last 20 sec they don’t penalize, the rule says if you use the super cell before the last 20 sec of the game, only then do you get a 20 pt deduction.

Is there going to be some sort of notification that there is only 20 seconds left in the game, like a buzzer? I thought they may have mentioned it in the broadcast this morning but I may be mistaken.

Last sentence of G23: “If a SUPER CELL is launched into the CRATER before the last 20 seconds of the MATCH, then two (2) PENALTIES will be assigned.”

It is the early launching of it, not the scoring, that is double penalized.

So suppose you fling this ball in early, and manage to score it for the opponents - you’ve just created a 35 point swing in score.

They more then likely will announce the 20 sec mark at every match, I’m sure.

I don’t think it works that way. I think your team gets the penalty, and that ball is just not counted at the end.

What you think needs to be backed up by what is in the rules. I find nothing that says an early Super Cell is not allowed to be scored, for either team. If you can find something, please post it.

They’re almost certainly not going to keep track of which super cell is legally entered and which isn’t, so I’d bet on the super cell still scoring. The whole point of the 20 point penalties is to nullify any gains a team might make from deploying the super cells early. The whole point of it only counting if the super cell is launched before 20 seconds is to make it easy for the refs to officiate.

Also, I’d expect a 20-second warning similar to the end of match warnings we got in Rack 'n Roll.

Yeah that sounds correct, so if you do score it early you are giving yourself a 5 pt penalty, if done b4 the 20 sec mark, so u can if u want.

To quickly readdress the original question, at about 2:38 in the game animation, it is specifically mentioned that “humans or robots can score bonus points by getting super cells into opposing trailers.” While I realize that the animation isn’t the manual, it seems more likely that the statement in the manual is an oversight.

Still, something that should be addressed once the Q&A goes live.

I interpret this as meaning that the Payload Specialist can throw the Super Cell into the Crater after the 20-second mark. After it’s in the Crater it will be fair game for all robots to pick up and score. The Payload Specialist can also throw the Super Cell into a robot trailer. The only thing excluded by this rule would be handing the Super Cell to your robot to score with.

<G07> says that “Scores are determined by the state of the GAME PIECES at the end of the MATCH.” I interpret that to mean that it doesn’t matter how they get there, as long as it’s legal, and nothing says it’s illegal for a robot to manipulate a super cell. This will probably be clarified, though, so I wouldn’t worry.

I bet this issue will be fixed in a revision of the game manual to allow robots to score them as well.