So, what i have observed: Week 1 not many G25 penalties were called( a lot were committed). Now this week your robot as much as looks at the scale the wrong way and a flag start waving frantically. A few times I’ve watched bots while lifting there block manipulator push up the scale in their opponents favor, sure enough the little flag of penalty is waiving at a million flaps a second. A few times the bot even gives the other alliance a couple points for controlling the scale. Now i get it call one foul they have to call them all, but i feel like if the G25 is bettering their opponent they should just let it go.

Also in the blue box under G25

Generally, “momentary” means near instantaneous, or in other words,
contact for less than approximately one (1) second and “minimal” means
a displacement of fewer than approximately three (3) in. However,
REFEREES are not expected to measure, and be accountable to, realtime
PLATE displacement or precise timing from their vantage points.

A few times referees have called it instantly, not even watching the outcome of the touch because they are busy frantically pushing the little penalty button on their tablet.

Are they calling a foul or showing that they might? What is the arm action after waving the flag? The X motion is a foul and spreading the arms means it is cleared so no penalty correct? They might just be waving it as a warning. Any refs here please clarify.

They are regularly calling it a penalty

Wave indicates a foul. A wave followed by an “X” indicates a tech foul. The arm spreading signal indicates that a “penalty-every-5-seconds” (G14, G15, and G25) hasn’t been incurred, e.g. holding a PLATE down for only 3 seconds.

There is a foul per instance, so they are right fully calling those when it happens. And thank you for the motion clarification :slight_smile: