G39 "Launching" interpretation

The rule says

G39 ROBOTS are prohibited from launching BOULDERS unless they are in contact with the opponent’s TOWER or carpet in the opponent’s COURTYARD, and not in contact with any other carpet.
Violation: TECH FOUL per BOULDER

Notice it doesn’t say anything about what direction you launch the BOULDER. I think we’ve all been assuming they mean you can’t launch it toward the TOWER. But if you read it strictly and literally, you are prevented from tossing a ball anywhere. For example, you couldn’t toss a ball from your SECRET PASSAGE into the NEUTRAL ZONE.

No I read it that way from the first read. The other game mechanics make clear that apart from bowling into the SP by the HP, boulders must be individually ported by a robot, with the single exception of launching them into the tower (presumably the high goals). Physics may call the boulders sponge rubber, but the game rules take them for granite.


The answer clearly states that this is their intent.

you could actually launch the boulder towards your own tower while in the opponent’s courtyard, but i can’t see why anyone would do that