G4 wont turn on!

Hey Guys,

Someone plugged in one of our G4s and there was a big spark (from the outlet) and now it wont turn on. I press the button nothing happens.

I opened the case, no signs of shock. I popped the batt.

Still nothing, I am fearing the worst. Anyone have this happen be4?:ahh:

You probably fried your power adapter. (the big metal block in the corner of your computer)

send it in to apple. If you’re feeling adventurous you could probably go buy a PC one and replace it, but I don’t know the specs of it and wouldn’t recommend it.

edit: on another thought, the power adapter usually has fuses in it that can be replaced. BUT opening it is EXTREMELY dangerous as the capacitors in there usually hold charge long after it’s been unplugged. so don’t do it.

thats what I thought, I have a couple old PC PSs hanging around. although they wont fit the motherboard on the mac.

I really hope it didnt get any further than the PS.

If your careful and you know what your doing, then working with the PSU should be no problem. Also, even if the PC supply wont fit in the case you can still rig it to test and see it the computer works with it, and that it really is the power supply thats broken.

i think the actual port on the motherboard is different, and therefore a PC adapter won’t plug in.

try and find a used g4 adapter on ebay.

be adventurous. cut a few wires. solder a few plugs.

Anyway, why did it spark in the first place? Was it a 220 outlet?

220 outlets generally have different sockets and won’t fit a 115 (standard) cord. (i should know. . . I spent the summer building infrared heaters . . some were 115 volt, some were 120 volt, and some were 230 volt (220 in europe))

anywho, try a different outlet.

It sounds like a bad outlet, you may have popped a breaker somewhere.

If different outlet doesn’t work, you probably friend your power supply (what the other guy called power adapeter: the big box of transfromers in the corner, with all the power wires coming out of it on the inside)

If that is the case . . . go to www.newegg.com and buy a new one. Antec PSU’s are generally considered to be the best (cleaner power = longer system life)

or just send it to the apple people and the will fix it in return for a glowing customer testimonial.

Was there any arc ing? Did the spark leave any scorch marks?

Or did it just flash?


You Lose.

I am just guessing here but my wife’s IBook is notorious for bad power cord. If this is an older machine and you have used the power plug often, (i.e. moved the machine and needed to replug the power.) then you may have a damaged cord. Did the arc take place on the cord or inside the outlet?
There is certainly fuses somewhere in the power supply but these are best handled by an expert.

Could be the outlet as well.

And I’m confused as to what this has to do with FIRST in the first place. Wouldn’t a question like this be better answered in a forum for, say, computer hardware?

/begin shameless Mike Nelson plug

Call Radioshack and see… their entire business seems to be based almost entirely around spare cords… :wink:

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::so tempted to diss on macs::

dude, what’s your problem?

a surge can hit any computer. will kill them equally.

Thats why i didnt diss on them. I personally dont like the mac interface or unexpandability. I know that a surge can hit any computer, its just an easier cheaper fix if its a pc.

*Originally posted by Kevin A *
**Thats why i didnt diss on them. I personally dont like the mac interface your choice or unexpandability wrong. I know that a surge can hit any computer, its just an easier cheaper fix if its a pc. true **