G40 Interpretation/Question

When the final score is assessed per [G37], a Balanced Alliance Bridge, per Section 2.2.5, earn points as follows:

of Robots Qualification Elimination

1 10 10
2 20 20
3 20 40

As the level of competition at the FIRST Championship is typically very different than during the competition season, the Game Design Committee will possibly alter the value of balancing at theFIRST Championship within the range of 5 to 15 points per Robot.

Does this mean that if three robots are balanced in a qualification match that you will get 10+20+20 = 50 points or a total of 20 points?

They will get a total of 20 points.

The reasoning behind this is written into G40.

Emphasis mine. The side bridges are the alliance bridges. the middle bridge is the coopertition bridge, which only counts for ANYTHING during Qualifications as the rules stand.