G40 Question

I’m confused why the image on the bottom left is legal.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The human players arms are extending past the human player barrier bracket, isn’t that illegal?

During the MATCH, TEAMS may not extend any body part

into a space defined by the Human Player Barrier Brackets, the SAFETY ZONE, and the GUARDRAIL that is either occupied by a ROBOT or adjacent to such a space occupied by a ROBOT

On an unrelated note can human players only feed from the alliance and human player zones?

The “Human Player Barrier Brackets” are the side pieces. So those brackets are the left and right side of the box, the safety zone line is the top, and the guard rail is the bottom.

In response to the 2nd question, yes. I’m not sure where else they would load from, aside from throwing the ball over the wall. In which case that is definitely illegal.

Thank you for the response! One last question, if a human player starts in a human player zone can they leave the zone to pick up a ball from the lit pedestal?

No they cannot, because the pedestal is within the human player zone behind the driver station. The human players on the sides of the arena cannot retrieve this ball, only the human player behind the driver stations. Also, the human player cannot pass it to another human player, it must be inbounded directly into the zone nearest them.

Please see section 3.2.7 of the rules for further information. And make sure your human players know that section like the back of their hand.

I assume the image in the bottom left is only legal because the robot must not be “intentionally” trying to extend out of the field? I’m talking about G21 in this instance. The only time you can extend outside of the field is if it’s not on purpose.

ROBOTS may not extend outside the FIELD.

Violation: If intentional or if ROBOT extends into the SAFETY ZONE, FOUL. If continuous or repeated violations, TECHNICAL FOUL. If contact with anything outside the SAFETY ZONE, RED CARD and the ROBOT will be DISABLED.

That’s the assumption I’m currently operating on.; those pictures are depicting accidental and momentary extension out of the field.

I think this rule is going to be well-interpreted by the referees. I haven’t heard of a lot of regionals for where the rule was being enforced unfairly.

I’m still a bit confused on the G40 rule. Does the robot have to be a certain distance from the Human Player Zone (a distance which I don’t see defined by the manual)? How do I know the robot is a safe distance from my position?

As I understand it, the bottom left image is OK because the human player has not extended a body part into the Safety Zone–the yellow two-inch infinitely tall volume marked by the yellow tape on the size of the human barrier. See the explanation in Team Update for Feb. 18 as updated by March 4 Update.

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