G5: Controlling more than 5 power Cells

While exploring the rule manual for some interesting rules for the Infinite Recharge CD Edition, I notice something quite interesting about G5.

Let’s imagine I’m a defense robot, and I’m holding 3 Power Cells. I then t-bone/friction pin an opponent robot holding 3+ balls for 10 seconds. As it is stated, I can not control more than Power Cells, “either directly or transitively through other objects,” and yet I am controlling the other robot, which is controlling 3 Power Cells. Am I breaking G5?

(Note: yes, it doesn’t matter anymore, but we can pretend, shhhh)


Very interesting question. How many PCs can dance on a pin?

Are you controlling the other robot? That would imply that you’re satisfying either Case A (probably some other fouls going on there [buddy climb though?!?]), Case B (implies coordinated movement which can’t be the case in a pin), or Case C (a pretty poor attempt at guarding if it’s already inside another robot)

I don’t think pinning would result in a foul (other than pinning for more than 6 seconds), but a buddy climb might.