Gael Force in the News!

For any of you in the northeast who watch Fox News, you’re probably aware of the little piece they do called “zip trip” where they visit a town and do a little story on them. Clinton, MA is next on the list and Fox will be airing live from different parts around Clinton this Friday, August 25th from 6-9am.

A camera man came today and filmed us doing FIRSTish stuff for an hour or so and that footage will be used during the broadcast. Everyone tune in!

That is pretty cool and if we do get it here in Michigan? I will look for it, it is always nice to see the articles or interviews about the teams in FIRST or FIRST in general. Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Sweet! I’ll see if I can record it

6-9 am is a bit early. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will tune in… congrats on getting the word out!

Congrats and hope all goes well. I’ll definently tape it or maybe i’ll be up watching it. It’s exciting watching FIRST on the news. :smiley: