gaint velcro

an idea my team has come up with is to create giant hooks/ spokes (big enough to pass the sharp objects rule) so if some one was to try to bank the orbit balls off the back of our robot they would catch on these hooks/ spokes the concept is kind of like velcro

so my question are: is this legal??? and would it be worth the effort???

well if a robot did try and steel your orbit balls (if that is what you are saying), it is in violation of the rules… you can’t reach into another robot. so it wouldn’t be worth it, in my opinion

What would happen if your opponent hooked two Empty Cells onto your fake velcro?

I personally don’t believe it is worth it–The trailers don’t appear receptive to shots made in such a manner (higher prongs on the rear side) and the amount of time/weight/money put into such a design might be better spent elsewhere.

well if the second was put there by our opponets it won’t penalize us because if another team does something to you to make you do a penalty you won’t get penalized

Rule number please

Causing PENALTIES – The actions of a ROBOT shall not cause an opposing ROBOT to break a rule and thus incur penalties. Any rule violations committed by the affected ROBOT shall be excused, and no penalties will be assigned.
This is the rule I think he meant.

Creator Mat (and everyone else): If you make a statement that seems to interpret the rules, quote the rule in your post please.

I don’t think that having a giant velcro with cells on it causes other teams to break a rule. They don’t have to get those cells.