Galaxia 5987 - 2019 Robot Reveal

I wanted to give an update after our district competitions (ISR1 and ISR4).

At ISR1 we went 6-5-0 in quals, ranking 14/31. Due to in-picking in the top 8, we moved up to be the 8th seed alliance captain. Unfortunately, we were knocked out in the quarter-finals by the 1st seed alliance. In our un-bag period between events, we made some improvements and did a good amount of software tuning.

Quals at ISR4 seemed to be going even worse for us, with us finishing at rank 22/36. We had a long run of bad luck, including breaking down for stupid reasons, vision streaming issues, broken alliance partners, and our climber not working correctly. Despite this, we were chosen as the first pick of the 4th alliance by alliance captain 1937, with 4590 as a second pick. We fought through three tough playoff rounds, and eventually came out on top with the win!

I’ll also add to this thread the “robot book” we share with the judges at events. It explains a bit about all of the different systems on the robot: our priorities for each system, different mechanisms we prototyped, why we chose that mechanism over the others, how the mechanism works, and the calculations that went into designing it. The book also talks about the truly innovative vision recognition and continuously-regenerating path following system that has won us a Creativity Award and an Autonomous Award so far. Please excuse some of the grammar mistakes, since it was written at unreasonable hours of the morning while preparing for competition. We’d be happy to answer any questions on the book, robot, or otherwise if anyone has.

I’m extremely proud of the team this season, both in their on- and off-field successes. The students’ knowledge, commitment, and spirit really shine through in the robot. I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated group of kids, and I know they will continue to succeed throughout the remainder of this season and in years to come.