Galileo 2009

Lets do this.

11, 20, 25, 40, 45, 47, 56, 65, 67, 71, 111, 115, 151, 168, 179, 203, 207, 226, 230, 279, 281, 303, 359, 418, 435, 440, 461, 494, 555, 704, 708, 716, 744, 753, 815, 870, 932, 967, 971, 973, 987, 999, 1058, 1124, 1195, 1208, 1250, 1261, 1270, 1318, 1332, 1450, 1477, 1540, 1551, 1598, 1601, 1646, 1662, 1676, 1710, 1717, 1742, 1745, 1772, 1829, 1836, 1872, 1885, 1902, 1923, 1941, 2214, 2230, 2234, 2348, 2550, 2579, 2638, 2642, 2729, 2741,
2775, 2844, 2910, 2936, 3059

W00T!! Looking Forward to it :smiley:
This year Atl is gonna rock!!

Oh goodness…this is gonna get craaazy! Can you say stacked?

My first reaction: “Well, at least we’re not in Archimedes, I guess.” That’s always been the farthest from the entrance, making the walk from the stands to the pit even longer. I’m really stretching to find something to make me feel more calm about the TechnoKats being among such teams. :slight_smile:

I’m excitedddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd :smiley:

I’m doing Queueing for Gali, y’all ready to play??!? :ahh:

first time there this is going to be lots of fun
team 1332 lets play

My team is in Arch. but wow my money is on this one, too deep!:eek:

yea but we have the furthest pits, it balances out. I just hope all these good teams don’t consume a poor little rookie team like us :cool:

this is going to be a tough division, so many awesome teams, just from my quick glance
45, 67, 71, 111, 744, 1902 and of course 179 ;]

This is going to be a party!

Wow some very good teams in here. Glad? to see we’re one of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk about your bargain 3rd picks, not to mention how many top notch teams will be packing up after qualifications. This will be such a blast to compete with all of you! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

It balances okay for the drive teams, but anyone else in Archimedes gets the short end of the stick. The walk around to the far corner of the stands – and back again – was far and away my least favorite part of my 2004 Championship experience. Having to go all the way past the seats and turn back toward the entrance to go down the steps just added insult to injury.

It’s much nicer to be on the field right by the entrance corner, with no extra change in direction required to reach a good place to sit.

The UberBots are on Galileo! It looks like it will be a fun (but challenging) field. I can see some awesome alliances being formed.

You can always find 359 in one of the hardest divisions.
We always seem to be in the same division as 71, 111, and 179 year after year.
Find the pattern in that and you solved this algorithm. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am pumped and ready to go, look at all these great teams :smiley:

Finally a year all the divisions are pretty much stacked.

NJ looks VERY well represented…11, 25, 56, 1676, 1923…Oh my.:cool:

So…can we get a little description of all bots attending? Me first

MORT Team 11
Pneumatic Dumper
NJ 4th Overall Selection- Semifinalist
Philly 4th Overall Selection- Quarterfinalist, 7th seed

Obviously Philly we upped our game.

Please post up a little about your robot!
Any possible alliance come to mind?

Woot Team Hammond! Can’t wait to play with you guys again!! :slight_smile:

Well this is going to be interesting…

Does this mean I can’t wear my Team 67 Jacket? :slight_smile:

Man…I just ran my eyes through the list again.

Uhhhhh can you say STACKED! This should be the best Championship yet.

Wow…stacked lineup…I’ll be happy if we’re in as a second pick…