Galileo 2010

Some of these teams might be removed or a few might be added but it looks like this is what the division is going to look like:

51 56 63 68 78 79 85 100 107 188 217 228 230 263 271 292 348 365 379 433 503 548 648 649 694 702 714 744 752 900 957 1002 1058 1086 1259 1261 1305 1367 1403 1446 1466 1474 1517 1522 1577 1584 1625 1657 1696 1714 1717 1735 1739 1771 1816 1983 2016 2036 2056 2067 2077 2108 2122 2130 2283 2429 2437 2467 2468 2486 2500 2834 2839 2990 3006 3132 3138 3158 3164 3204 3310 3318 3335 3352 3364 3381

Lets start the madness

LEO lol :slight_smile:

Post 381, loved your 2008 robot!

Where does this come from? I don’t see the Division lists on the FIRST web site yet, and there are eleven teams attending the Championship having numbers less than 51.

Can’t wait to get started!

Here comes 2016! Ready to play with some new improvements.

Can you say STACKED???

51, 63, 78, 79, 188, 217, 230, 365, 503, 694, 1086, 1625, 1714, 1717, 1771, 2016, 2056, 2834… and that’s off the top of my head.

And of course, the one, the only, the cheese head alliance is not impossible this year!

It’s only their predictions. My guess is that they are running algorithms based on something they think is correct, or even the last post of divisions.


According to Bill’s Blog this may change as team sign up or drop out. Final Lists will be out soon.

Yes soon, what I would like to know is when is soon. I hate how they have to keep us guessing with this. Why can’t they just say ok on the Wednesday before Championship at 5:00 pm or something. Wait why am I even asking this question, it’s FIRST. lol


Well after I saw bills blog i figured the list wouldn’t change much. I couldn’t restrict my excitement so I started the thread and figured I’d change the original list if and when teams get added and removed.

The Team List has been posted with the Divisions identified.

Galileo specifically.

Wow, Galileo is packed with veteran and rookie teams! Can’t wait till the Championship event now!!

If the matches are balanced for most teams, coming in the 1st place is going to prove the most difficult task.

By the way, does anyone know who the MC is going to be?

Edit:: OMG!! Only 3 Canadian Teams. :eek:

All I know is Mark Leon is doing Curie, so that rules him out.
He told us in Hawaii.

Oh how interesting this will be… This makes things way more exciting for the coming events. I think my FIRST flu just got worse.

I can’t wait!!! :smiley:

Team 79 is ready to ROCK!!! :smiley:

We cant wait to play with and against all of you guys!!



YAY! Can’t wait.

-Go Frogs!

Can’t wait to compete on Galileo! Never dreamed we’d be back so soon! =)

I can’t wait for another week! I am extremely excited to be playing on Galileo this year. The teams here are all competitive and this will make for interesting qualifying and elimination matches. Hope to see you guys out there! Go 2834 :slight_smile:

Hello Michigan from 548!

We are looking forward to joining 51, 68, 85, 107, 217, 503, and 2834 to take on the world…or a quarter of it anyway! Did I miss any Michiganders?

Looks like a great division!!! i cant wait to get down to Atlanta!!! and for the 3rd year in a row…there is the possibility of the cheese head alliance! :yikes:

good luck everyone! cant wait to get started!!