Galileo Division Teams Scouting Data

Hello Galileo Teams! (or any other teams just wanting this scouting info)

I have made a Google Forms to collect some scouting data and I would love if your team filled it out.
All of the info is public in a google sheets file I also have posted here.
Please do not fill this out if you aren’t in Galileo at Houston.

I will delete joke responses, I want this to be serious data for scouts.

Form :

I’ll also fill in teams that don’t fill this out, but filling it out would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

You can get both hab start level and hab climb level from TBA API, and you can even see how many times a team has climbed throughout their season.

I’m not good with all that API, and this was just so my team and others don’t have to do day 1 scouting going around to every single pit and asking questions, or just getting an early idea on whos good with us

Hope that helps you out.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Changed title for clarity

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Bump for a bit more data / responses

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