Galileo Division Videos

Hey There
Someone have videos from the matches of Galileo Sub-Division?
if someone have please send me private or here
thank you

Same here i’ve searched everywhere and I can’t find them :ahh:

Some videos can be found here.

Almost all of the elimination matches(Finals 2 is missing for some reason) and a couple qualification matches videos.

no game from my team :frowning:
but thank you :slight_smile:

I know 525 taped all of their matches so if you were fortunate enough to play with/against them you may find a match of yours in this video. (I started the video at 8:20 for niiv190 ;))

Very timely - I just uploaded them last night. This includes a full field view of all our Galileo matches.

Thank you guy.
I know that’s too much to ask but if you can send me in private msg my games because I want to do Top Moment of my team games that’s will be awesom our games : 13, 26, 34, 40, 59, 75, 82, 97, 108, 119
Thank you so much !!

Thank you man!
That was a nice game of us :slight_smile:
For rookies stack of 6 with bin and noodle it’s excellent