Galileo Match 70- Blue Alliance Splitscreen

Thanks to the cooperation of teams 2729 and 3641, we have a combined video of footage from all 3 teams on the blue alliance for match 70 at worlds.

Go Pro’s are just getting cooler and cooler! Why do you guys have such an irregular FCS shooting pattern? It seems like you rapid fire for 10 seconds then wait 5 then shoot only a disk every second or two then rapid fire again. I don’t know if I am just seeing things but it seems odd to me.

We have automatic firing code that fires Frisbees when our wheel speed is correct and there is a Frisbee in the hopper to fire. This normally leads to 8 tenths of a second delay between shots. Unfortunately, our human player cannot keep up with the robot and is usually feeding for his life, thus the irregularity in the timing of our shots.

Very cool! This was one of my favorite matches, an awesome full court shooter and two great cyclers. Though this was one of our sloppier matches due to some great defense and some other hiccups the GoPro shows. The entire alliance worked very well together. Everyone agreed to the strategy and did a great job adjusting as needed. You’ll see there’s a ton of running around back behind the glass during the match with all of the adjustments being made. Great match!


We had our hiccups too, though it just so happened that all three teams kept it just clean enough to pull out the W.
Great match, and the only thing more we could have ever asked of our partners would be a floor pickup :rolleyes: .