Galileo Robot Pictures

I’m at school now collecting pictures of the Galileo robots to use in a powerpoint and on our team scouting sheets. Currrently I do not have 23 teams. If anyone has any personal pictures of any of the robots listed below (pre-regional scrimmage, get togethers, regionals, pit pictures, anything) could you send them my way?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

9, 33, 167, 181, 195, 207, 249, 303, 334, 379, 391, 399, 421, 555, 687, 814, 861, 891, 931, 963, 999, 1147, 1180

Make that 21, I found a pic of 207 and 33 and uploaded them in 2003 robots.

I’ll see if I can find anymore.

379 is now also in there.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of Spicy on my computer. :frowning:
They’re all on the school’s computers. lol

An easy way to get pictures from the chief delphi robot gallery:


Then, at the bottom of the already-useful scouting info, you will see thumbnails from our robot gallery. 9 times out of 10, they are pictures of that team’s robot.

That may be an easy way to find pictures you may not have seen in the gallery looking the long way.

Why don’t I put this functionality in the image gallery, you ask? I’m lazy. :slight_smile:

Yes… we like people using FBI… it’s so much easier than searching the gallery for pictures.