Galileo Scouting

Hey guys,

So I know some teams (including us) find themselves low on potential scouts. My thought was (after seeing this) that we should partner up with another team or two to do scouting in Galileo. It’d be a fun experience, easier to manage and we’d end up with less dead-tired scouts.

We have a scouting app made already with some pretty advanced features. We can share data between us all before picking. All we need from you is laptops. Lots of laptops. And people, those too.

Link to scouting app if your interested. Download (press view raw) the jar in /dist/Scouting13.jar and run it. (must have newest java installed)

Anyone up for it?

We don’t have the scouters to spare, but I would be willing to share our data we collect with you to fill in some gaps.

Does each scouter scout 1 team? I just wasn’t sure how that all works. And how do the laptops network together?

We like it, but will have to talk with our scouters first.

Each person scouts one team.

The data is transferred over a USB drive. It’s just copy and pasting one folder.

How is it merged into one file, and of what file type? I’m guessing you have a seperate compiling application.
Sorry for the excessive questions

Yeah to add onto that, what type of data is gathered, OPR, Climb, Points scored, and or which goals made?

It’s a custom file type. It compiles into .csv files (one for matches and one for teams). The compiling application is available in the GUI, nothing else needs to be installed.

Data from every match (for every team):
Match,Team,Match Result,Total Points,Auto Points,Auto Discs,Most Common Auto Shot,Teleop Points,Most Common Teleop Shot,Climb Points,Foul Points,Ground Intake,Feeder Station,Drivetrain Rating,Robot Type,Shooter Type,Starting Position
Data for teams
Team,Record,Avg Points,Robot Type,Team Notes,Drivetrain Rating,Most Common Auto Discs,Feeders,Starting Positions,Avg Auto Points,Avg Shooting Points,Most Common Shot,Shooter Type,Climbs,Avg Climb Points,Avg Climb Time,Most Common Climb,Foul Points

We usually add that to pit scouting data. There’s a ton of other stats that we use that data to get. (pit scouting as of yet)

Hopefully that makes sense.