Galileo scouting

Hey all Galileo members,

I thought that it would be nice if we could exchange team information, beaing gracious professionals and all. If everyone shares their, info, includes a picture, and lets everyone else know about their team in this thread, I promise to have an ALL-COMPREHENSIVE scout sheet that I will either pass out copies on floppies or give instructions to my pit where I can give you a floppy if you return it.

As a token of good will, here is some information (as an example for information)
Team 830
Rat Pack
Awards: Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology”,NorthWest Regional
2x handler/ Hanger
2 wheel Drive
open hook, Grab bar from any side of the floor
autonomous: knock either 10 pt. get close to hanging
no corraling abilities, no catching of balls
Caps both stationary goal and mobile.

Thanks for helping all of the Galileo Division, you guys.
If you want any other info about my team, just ask, I would love to share

Team 341
Miss Daisy
Philadelphia Chairmans Award
4x4 Tank Drive at 8.5 FPS with Drill/CIM and worm gear (can’t be backdriven)
5 pt ball handler- capable of sucking up 9 5 pt balls and delivering
12 foot mobile retractable telescoping arm- hang from floor
Locking hook- took 2 people with ladders 5 minutes to remove at Philadelphia
Can uncap goals but cannot cap
Dual window motor winch with tape measure :stuck_out_tongue: (come see why)
Able to grab and tow goals
Autonomous: grab goal and bring back, knock over 10 pt ball


thanks for your info, if you could ask others to do the same it would be great

-Team 93
-NEW Apple Corps
-St. Louis & Midwest Xerox Creativity Award winners
-2 Wheel Drive Tank Drive at 13 FPS/ 6 FPS; CIM Driven
-5 pt ball handler- Catches Most, if not ALL, small balls from the ball chute; can also suck balls up from the floor.
-Two pneumatic powered “wings” to catch balls
-Autonomous: Deploys wings under ball drop.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS!!! Congrats to Miss Daisy for the Chairmans win.



Team 980 from S. California
Team Name: ThunderBots
Robot type: cap and hang
2004 Awards:

  • Arizona: 2nd seed, General Motors Industrial Design
  • S. Californa: Regional Winner, Leadership in Controls
    4 “finger” capping-ball grabber
    bungee-cord-assisted, pneumatic hanging hook
    hook and hang in 8 seconds
    autonomous: grab yellow ball (90%), and release 5-point balls (35%).
    flippers for pushing 5-point balls
    1-speed, drill+CIM gear box
    (Andy Brockway and Team 716’s 2003 design in White Papers)
    8.5 feet per second
    6-wheel drive with 8 inch wheels
    (We do a wheelie to get onto lower platform.)

Team 1108
OSCAR (Our Super Cool Awesome Robot)
Lone Star - Chairman’s Award, Xerox Creativity, Quarterfinals
4wd 8-10 fps (switched sprocket so don’t know exactly)
2X ball handler w/suction -trash can lid w/ fp motor
Cap/Uncap any ball (can even pull balls out pushes into the pvc)
retractable boom(ham radio towerlike) and gib. (globe and window motor)
Tilting boom (window motor)
Can hang quickly (Van door motor winch)
Climb stairs smoothly with from wheels and mid-robot sleds
Autonomous: currently none set. Run and repeat programmable.
Awesome HP - missed five shots one day





Index of 1108 pictures

  • Team 647 Cyberwolves, Killeen, TX
  • Lone Star Regional Judges Award
  • Robot Type = Hanger
  • Hangs from top platform with a pneumatic/spring powered hook
  • Can grab and pull mobile goal
  • can uncap 2x ball but not cap it
  • awesome driver crew
  • autonomous
    1. go up to mobile goal
    2. push mobile goal to far alliance station
    3. Go mobile goal and turn to get ready to go up the step (untested)


Team 1218, CHAbots
Philadelphia Regional Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” award
4wd (CIMS)
Hanger and 2x baller
easily climbs stairs and hangs from first platform.

-Team 812
-Midnight Mechanics
-Awards: Engineering Inspiration at SoCal
-2x/ hanger
-2 wheel drive: driven by 2 drills, front wheels
-Fiber glass pole attached to rope that’s spun around a winch. As
winch unravels rope, a hook on the fiber glass pole hooks the bar and
we winch our way up (globe)
-2 plates that are cut to groove the 2x ball, arm is chain driven (globe)
-Autonomous: Dead reckoning… gets next to goal in attempt to push it right after

-Since we changed to 2 wheel drive (front), we might want to some
how change it so we can hang straight from the floor in ATL.

Team 64
The Gila Monsters
Awards: Imagery Award - Colorado Regional
Colorado Regional - 3rd Seed
Can uncap mobile goals
Can Herd well
Hook on to bar from carpet, two drill motor winch(fast!).
We have the ability to lock on ot the bar and drive across it.

Note: The image above is one taken right before ship. Some modifications to the arm, hook, and herding system have been made.

Team 27 - Team RUSH
Great Lakes Regional - 3rd Seed, 1st Pick, Quarter-Finalist, Chairman’s Award
Midwest Regional - 3rd Seed, Semi-Finalist, Motorola Quality Award
Have Capped/De-capped everything (Stationary, Mobile, Robots)
Hang from 6in platform
Auton: Go to (hopefully grab) mobile goal


Also, Team 27 scouts every match, and updated information will be available (not shure where yet).

Team 782
The Kilowatts
Robot Name: Marcia Bee
Awards: Judges Award - UTC Hartford
2X Handler/Hanger
Open Hook, Grab Bar from Lower Platform, Cannot Climb 6in Step
Can Plow Balls
Caps and De-Caps any type of Goal

Autonomous: Can knock off either 10pt ball causing drop within 15 sec

Thanks for the oppertunity, this will save our team a headache on Thursday morning. The pictures will save my Digital Camera!

<Will Insert Picture here later>

Team 20
The Rocketeers
Robot Name: Rocky (it bounced all over the place durring testing, now fixed)
-Designated hanger/bar defender
=Has the ability to attach to bar via cable while still rolling to defend bar
=Once clipped onto bar, even if knocked flat on our back, we can still winch ourselves up.
-Can climb 6" step
-4 motor, 4 wheel, 2 speed drive
-Auto: IR guided ball tripper, few bugs
-Able to uncap goals

108 - SigmaC@T

:: Really Good (NOW) at: 2x / Hang / Defense / Strategy ::

-We can [cap, uncap] the [stationary, mobile] goal.
-We can hang in around 30 seconds after driver pracice on thursday.
-We’ve defended against some of the top seeds and do that very well. We’re moving away from that strategy as our scoring abilities have risen, but we can still do it.
-We do extreme analysis of all teams at competition, along with review digital videos of the matches. Its been noted by our previous alliances as a strong point of 108.

During the midwest regional we:
-Upgraded drive train from belt to chains. No more drive train problems :smiley:
-Perfected the hanger after lunch on saturday of midwest. Can now hang every match.
-Doubled the pressure of the 2x gripper by adding an extra piston. Now will have excellent 2x ball control.

4 Motor (2 CIM 2 Drill), 4 Wheel, 2 speed drive

1 Globe motor Joint
1 Pneumatic gripper
1 Globe motor Rack and pinion mechanism for lifting the robot off the ground
1 Servo ratchet to lock the robot from falling (Debugged at Midwest, problem was backup battery wasnt charged)

Our Goal Side: Prepare to grab the big ball on
Opponent Goal Side: Smash Big Ball down and shove goal into ball shoot.

I have no good pictures. It upsets me greatly.

Team 1359 The Scalawags:

(all are from the Pacific Northwest Regional)
Rookie All-Star
Highest Rookie Seed (#2!!)
Imagery Award

Robot Strengths:
-Hangs from the bar VERY consistently
-uses autonomous to knock off yellow 10pt ball
-herds balls
-2 speeds
-gets up and over all steps, no prob
-can be driven from front or back
-hasn’t broken down yet!!

How we made these strengths:
-Arm pulls up the robot with two 80lb pneumatics. The joint is worked by a rack-and-pinion device powered by the window motor.
-To herd balls, there are flaps that come down over the front and back with one powered by a small pneumatic kicker device to get the balls into the corral.
-We got the two speeds by designing a transmission that is powered by a drill motor. It shifts on the fly allowing us to go a regular speed and really fast. There are two motor-transmission assemblies on the robot.
-16in wheels allow us to get up the steps
-A switch allows us to have either end be the front

Team 384
Sparky 5.0
Awards: J&J Sportsmanship Award
2x handler, goal pusher/puller (working on pulling now)
2 wheel Drive
autonomous: knock either 10 pt., go forward, turn around, and get redy to push goal
no hanging, no catching of balls
Caps both stationary goal and mobile.

-Team 263
-Sachem Aftershock
-SBPLI quaterfinalist, NYC 11th seed Semifinalist

-2x ball handler
-2 section arm, each arm section has 180 degrees of movement. Lower arm section driven by van door motor, upper by window motor.
-Pneumatic claw (to grab 2x ball)
-can cap/uncap any goal, Fast and acurate

-5 pt. ball gatherer
-“Wings” rotate out from sides of bot w/ 270 degrees of movement
-“wings” driven by globe motors

  • 2 rear wheel drive
    -Front HDPE skids
  • 4 or 8 ft per sec. (4 ft w/ electric speed reduction (via programming and speed controller) controlled by driver, used at end of match when capping)

Grabbing 2x ball

Going for the cap (stationary goal)

Holding the 2x ball

Capped the stationary goal

Team 1405
Finney Falcons (or Falcon’s Robotics)
Awards: Highest Rookie Seed, Captian of champion alliance, Chesapeake Regional
Hanger / Plow
4 wheel Drive
autonomous: working on it
Very consistent (90%) at hanging.

Team 469
Las Gurrillas

2 wheel drive

2x Ball handler (can cap stationalry and mobile goals, cna pick up from any location)

small ball collector ( multi roller system for collection of up to 16 balls)

small balls ejected quickly from a back door and ramp to guide balls into corral, balls are rarely lost from a side

quick and efficient hook, has never lost a goal yet

climbs 6" step

4 gripper system on arm

Please come visit us at our pits, or email me ([email protected]) if you have any questions.


Team 537
Charger Robotics
Awards: St. Louis Regional Winners, Midwest Judges Award, St. Louis Autodesk Visualization Award

Main Task: 2x handler (Both cap/uncap of Movable and Stationary goal)

Very Good Ball Herder, *God bless teflon cookie sheets :wink: *

4 wheel Drive with Atwood motors and custom gearboxes

autonomous: knock either 10 pt., ready to grab 2x off movable goal, push goal into opposing human player corral.

thats about all i can think of right now…
sorry couldnt find a pic, maybe ill post one when i can find one.