Galileo Thanks

I have to thank teams 201 and 1126 for helping us go all the way on Galileo and make it to Einstein. You guys were amazing shooter bots and our alliance complimented each other perfectly. Between your wonderful driving and your top-notch autonomous shooting, we managed to pull through some close matches.

1126, thanks for having an electrical guy on your field team. You helped us diagnose the problem with our Victors after the first match on Einstein and made sure we were in condition to keep playing.

Also, thanks to 173 and 190 for being really friendly pit neighbors and loaning us lots of balls to test our shooter.

Everyone else we played with or against in Galileo, you guys were awesome. I have never had so much fun at an event, and you all were the reason. Your bots were wonderful, your cheering was amazing, and it was just awesome. Blair did a great job MCing, and I was totally pumped up for every match.

And hey, we managed to be among the twelve teams to ever beat Team 25 this season. That’s not too shabby :smiley: .




I want to thank 237 and 1276 for the great time. Didn’t make it as far as we wanted, but it was awesome!

I also want to thank all the great teams there, along with all the new people I met, and all the people I met for the first time but knew before!

i wanna thank 365 and 291. we didn’t get that far (beat by the amazing 177, 1126, and 201…congrats to yall for making it to einstein!), but it was fun and amazing while it lasted. thanx to the crew, the judges, the refs, the announcer, and blair for making galileo the place to be.


I would also like to thank our alliance partner 1126:SparX and 201:FEDS for performing amazingly on and off the field. The alliances that we faced were definitely not easy, but we played as a team and pulled through with a divisional win.

I also want to congratulate the 25,968,195 alliance on their national silver. The strategy change-up that occurred after match 1 against us was just plain smart play. Although it did not work as well in the finals, I applaud you for thinking outside the strategy box.

Thanks to 177 and 1126 for picking us - we were so happy to get picked, and then to do as well as we did - you guys are awesome!!

Congrats 177, 1126 and 201. You guys played hard and deserved to get to Einstein. I’m looking forward to finally being allied with 177 in the off season. Please, just once.