Gallery/Database for CAD/CAM Designs and Downloads

Hi all,

I am a 1124 alumni and have been working on a number of start-up projects within California and the bay area. Long story short, I recently have been doing a few projects with regards to 3D printing and 3D models and wanted to ask you guys a few questions and offer to centralize a lot of the 3D models that are used within FIRST robotics - something that I wish had been done a long time ago when I was an active participant within FRC.

Currently, we are beta testing a pay-per-download service for custom 3D models at , and if you know anything about startups the saying goes ‘launch yesterday’ and that is what we did. The site is still minimalistic but we are just testing assumptions. In addition, I have and soon to be which will have some cloud based processing for 3D printing and modelling.
To this end, I am curious on what your thoughts are if I created a website like and hosted all of the parts/custom designs used within FIRST Robotics. Obviously, there would be more categories, and search features and we could deal with any licensing agreements.*

Let me know what you think.

Kick it,
Taylor Amarel

Something similar to this already exists at, unless you’re suggesting that people would pay to download CAD models of other teams’ robots.

Modelyst - cool name, btw.