[Game 1] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


I cry a single tear

Ironically, in this game town want to be shot, since that way they have the gun.


I over analyzed


What was your reasoning?


Clearly not


Just organize the Mafia games, wouldya?
I’m sad. I didn’t even get to mess with you to the point of killing 3 or 4 other Townies like in the last game :sob: :cry:


Holy cow ur a god. 2 for 2


Since this game was so quick does anyone want to restart and change it up?

In short keep playing but making @GoalkeeperBoss Mafia to see how good he is at being Mafia.
(JK, random mafia, create new Mafia chat, dead people remove themselves from dead chat, etc.)

  • I’d Play a New Game
  • I’m Out

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@orangeandblack5 Any chance it could be the standard vote game if there are enough people?


Nein that’d be FRCM5


@EricKline you’re still alive get outta here


Sorry boss… Didn’t know we weren’t allowed to talk in the games that ended


I mean the vote lmao


Oh hahaha I just want to play more hahah


Playing in two games at once? Good try. Actually that’d be interesting.


You doubt my abilities???


In surviving the entire game? Yes.


Your breaking my heart :broken_heart:


You’re. How can you expect to survive a game if you can’t even spell correctly?


Just saying, I’m amazed you’re still alive in the game you’re playing.
It was what, 2 days until you were killed game 1?
Game 2 you were only alive because you were helping me live.