[Game 1] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


Oh, you’re in?


i feel like a 3 kill streak on my first game qualifies me for something right?


I feel like FRCM3 game qualifys me


Was last year


Did you win…


Not how that works lol

First of all, we’d need to have a big enough community to get invited

Then we’d vote on one player to send


No definitely not lol


I am not the best FM player of 2018

Or any year

Or probably any site lol


Did you get sent on behalf of the other Fourm we we’re playing on?



Was about to be sent in 2017 but chose to back out and let the 2nd guy go instead that year


Ich spreche Deutsch, und du?


Good job


Spent a summer as an exchange student in Uttenreuth :man_shrugging:




Wow what a man


That was not a good job

It was a bad time and I will not speak of it further than to say the guy that went later got banned for cheating


Shouldn’t you be focussing on your game?


I meant that you were chosen


Ligit nothing is happening in that game and it’s pretty boring rn.


I was part of a relatively newer site as a regular player with more experience than most :man_shrugging: