[Game 1] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


And you should stop discussing it here.


hides in corner and cries


You’re starting to sound like our alumnus IT guy


Is that a good thing or a bad thing


Well, depends on who you’re asking. To me, a good thing. To anyone who’s trying to play Roblox on the school computers, a bad thing


I relate to that “bad thing” thing so hard

We can’t even get access to our own team’s website on school servers because unblocking our provider might allow — *gasp* — games to be played on school internet

And that would just be awful


And… There’s a reason for VPNs. Also having access to devices on the school device network which lets a rather inappropriate site through. I know because of a friend’s typo
(And of course the school can’t block Minecraft LAN or servers)


@orangeandblack5 I’m in.


@orangeandblack5 I’m in too if we start another

Watch @GoalkeeperBoss get Mafia and then @gellnick shoots them


That would be awesome. Especially if I had already gotten one Mafia and then after @GoalkeeperBoss I got the last Mafia :slight_smile:
chuckles evilly
Revenge is mine muahahaha


If you couldn’t tell I’m salty


wait I thought school computers were given to the students so they could play roblox.


It’s okay, friend.

reassuring pat on the back


I wish