[Game 1] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


The poll results are hidden from all of us except @gellnick meaning he can see who said they are the mafia, and the only reason someone would actually say they are the mafia is if they knew the person running the poll was mafia also


No, it’s hidden from me too.


I’ll close in a few hours


how can we confirm its hidden from you though


Why would you hide it from yourself? That doesn’t make sense.

/vote @gellnick- wait a minute here :thinking:


Uh… It doesn’t show who’s voted until the poll is closed.




But once it does close you will be able to see?




So should you


/vote @gellnick


Vote Count



forgot there was no voting
my bad




So maybe the strategy of this game is to sit quite and not make yourself a noticeable target to the gunbearer?

What if the gunbearer missed his first shot. Does he get a redo? What if he breaks something by accident?


What if the gun gets jammed?


Also, compared to last game I probably won’t be as active. School is starting to ramp up again.


I’m going campin this weekend so I won’t be online Saturday evening and Sunday morning


If the gun bearer hits town:



I thought the gun went back to the Mafia. No?

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