[Game 1] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


That’s only if they don’t shoot.


Oh ok. That makes more sense now.


Yup of course I read it as


Also bet I’m calling it Treecko120 is Mafia in Game 3

[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia

why are you following other games lmao.


Why not lol

Also I think it would be really funny if I’m right XD

Although I don’t actually know if I am.


It wouldn’t surprise me, last game he sounded like he would like to be Mafia.


Just closed the poll. I’m not seeing who voted, let me look again.


I clicked the wrong option :expressionless:


Pshhh yeah, what nerd would watch other people play mafia… ha, ha… Definitely not ME, that’s just silly.


In any case, here’s the poll again, but modified so that we actually know who said what:
(Results for everyone should be after I close)

  • Guess again Mister.
  • I’m the Mafia, don’t kill me please.
  • Townie all the time

0 voters


A poll: The most effective strategy to catching the mafia. Because mafia can never lie.


It’s like undercover cops. If u ask them they have to tell the truth.






@IronicDeadBird hasn’t logged on in five days

He’s got a few hours here before he’s replaced but it’s looking like I may need to call in a backup

At least the fact that we’re doing three separate games means he can be a backup for the other two if he gets subbed out here?


I’m assuming his backup would still be gunbearer?




@TanDaMan02 has replaced @IronicDeadBird


Welcome, friend! Here, have a gun.


(New guy walks in)

“Hey guys whats—” (gun falls in their lap)