[Game 1] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


we found that out didnt we


what a lucky shot


Better not throw it away. :wink:


This is my first game of mafia, any tips?


That was mostly a hamilton reference.

But anyways, mafia tend to try fancy mind games and stunts like voting for their own mafia, which is a lot harder to detect without voting.


so basically what @gellnick has been doin?


You might want to shoot him if you don’t have any better options (I mean, you have the gun)

There’s also the point that Mafia often play a little too much like Town - they try to be too eager to please, make “helpful comments,” etc.

Which actually doesn’t look very good for me, as seeing that this entire post could be interpreted as that.


that last bit is exactly what ive been thinking


ah why not
/shoot @gellnick


oh no the gun jammed


gellnick has died! Phase 4 begins!


R.I.P @gellnick


Dang your good at sniffing out people :eyes:




U scared?




I like that confidence, I’m ruling u out for the time being


shoots quarky anyways jk


One mafia left right?


Yep :+1:

At this point it’s really unlikely for the Mafia to win, since they basically have to survive 7 shots.