[Game 1 v2] FRCM4 - Popcorn Mafia


Yes, and @orangeandblack5
Can I make a delayed shot? Like someone to shoot at the deadline but can change? I don’t know how much time I’ll have access to the internet today/tomorrow.



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I’m Mafia



Can someone on desktop actually do this?


Speaking candidly, I’m not sure how helpful that will be - I supported it last time because of that fact (using it as a distraction from otherwise helpful information)

(I’m on laptop right now, by the way.)


Still, everyone who says Mafia is either joking or @orangeandblack5


But since the people playing have the same response, we don’t have anybody to focus on.


**/Shoot @mikexcao


Hi y’all sorry about the late response I was at a Morning event and couldn’t look at my phone.


mike died, phase 2 begin :wink:


Oof rip


Nice shot!


It certainly was


Nice shot. I think gellnick is the next mafia. We should shoot him (/s)


I’m volunteering all weekend (and multiple people at the event can attest to this) in addition to having a big Calc 3 Test on Monday; sorry for my dormancy.


Week 1 CHS is here! So yeah ill be a little bit MIA.


So if @gellnick has the gun, that means @quarky must be the mafia.

Am i allowed to throw out random accusations line this?


well if you’re wrong then you’re more likely to get shot cuz it looks like u were trying to get a townie killed.


Good. That means I then get the gun and can shoot whomever I please.


I’ll have you know if you shoot me, you’ll end up killing yourself :wink: townie for life :slight_smile: