[Game 1 v2] FRCM4 - Popcorn Mafia


Those emojis make you sound very suspicious :thinking:


Using emojis? Clearly mafia.


Around 5 hours remain


Like 1 hour remains


@gellnick shoot somebody


Dang he didn’t shoot. Does that mean we lost a person?


I’m not sure if I died, but I just got back from an all weekend event without WiFi. Sorry.
Anyway, I’m going to
/shoot @Shelby_Lamp if I can.




If @gellnick shot himself, let’s see if the Mafia think I’m a bad enough shot to get the gun.


@orangeandblack5 @gellnick did beat u to the shot, so his shot should fire


I’m liking that idea, even if I die for it. At least my death will have meaning, but I doubt I’ll die if my shot goes through. :wink:


Seems like the gun really jammed this time. Geez we should get better guns tbh.



Oh. Wait. I’ve had NERF guns jam way too often.

If someone opts to do a IRL Popcorn Mafia… I’ve got a NERF or two…


its nerf
or nothin


yo @Shelby_Lamp u mafia?


He probably won’t admit it if he was. Wasn’t it @gellnick who straight up convinced everybody he was Town Tracker in CDFM3 before the real Town Tracker called bluff?


I’m actually a townie but only @orangeandblack5 would be able to confirm


Now that was fun


I dunno. Maybe we should just play with water guns… I’d hate to be soaked and within 20 feet of a robot or computer with anyone on my team nearby. (I’m pretty sure there’d be a crater a few seconds later)


Now… As to how to unjam this badly programmed gun… The design was great, but the programming doesn’t work
Shouts to next door room
“Hey come here and fix this thing!”
Shout comes back
“Fix it yourself, I’m busy programming the robot!”