[Game 1 v2] FRCM4 - Popcorn Mafia


Shot was taken 2:24 too late

gellnick dies, Mafia gets the gun


Hey, hold on a second. You must be a mechanical sort of feller, blaming programming and all. But you don’t know the correct response from programming?

shout comes back
“Hey, Electrical, check and see which wires Mechanical swapped THIS time!”


Jokes on you, I do mechanical, and wiring


@LordPeaches has the gun!


WOW. Mafia gave me the gun.

So. Lets analyze this situation: I threatened @quarky. This either means:

A) The mafia knows @quarky is a townie and wants me to shoot them, or
B) @quarky is the mafia and they are screwing with me

Where does this leave us? Absolutely nowhere


@Shelby_Lamp DID egg me on. Suspicious much ?


I love an analysis that leaves us nowhere


@LordPeaches maybe this is a bit too conspiracy-theory-esque…

But @GoalkeeperBoss has been behaving differently this game compared to last game…

And he was town last game…

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents. Shoot me if you like (then I get the gun!)


I did also have a gun last game
if you shoot me, ill just go on another shooting spree


Yeah. Can’t risk having @GoalkeeperBoss wipe the floors again.


Im thinking either @Shelby_Lamp or @EricH . Thoughts?


im leaning towards @Shelby_Lamp and/or @quarky
he probably thought you would overthink it when he handed u the gun


Well yes. This game is completely based on guessing and random chance.

Or maybe they are hoping I follow through with my original accusation and shoot myself.


we should avoid shooting ourselves at all costs
id say wait and see if anyone else participates, then try and make a shot, just dont make the same mistake as @gellnick


I could not disagree more with this statement


I’m not mafia but idk how to prove it. I want the gun but at the same time I don’t want to waste a turn so idk if I want to get shot.




Same as Shelby ngl; I don’t think I really have a good read on anyone yet to start calling suss on whose mafia though.



Wish I could shoot multiple people. Split the bullet.

Decisions, decisions… Any input there @Squirrel2412 ?


Shoot the one who wants the gun the most, probably. If they aren’t susp of anybody, then if they are town then we’ll basically have the same solution as we do now.

I personally am susp of @GoalkeeperBoss, so I’d shoot him if I had the gun, but it’s up to you.