[Game 1 v2] FRCM4 - Popcorn Mafia


Welle @EricH hasn’t been online in 16 hours so Imma rule him out as Mafia. Also ruling out @quarky even though I really wanted to shoot them.


Think I am gunna…

/shoot @Shelby_Lamp



LordPeaches has died! @Shelby_Lamp has the gun!


Well all I can say is told u so.


In fairness, you did seem to want the gun (sort of)


I’m pretty sure a mafia can’t get the gun. They just get shot.


Yes - shooting a townie who wants the gun is better than shooting a townie who doesn’t want the gun.

Also, you can shoot me if you want, but I’d just end up shooting @GoalkeeperBoss, so you might as well skip that step and just shoot him.

Besides, if he gets the gun as town, he’ll wreck the Mafia, so it’s a win-win. :wink:


yeah that’s who I’m looking at rn.


Around six and a half hours remain.


Wait shoot idk who to shoot and I might not be able to come on for a while so. If I’m wrong about this shoot squirrel2412.

/shoot @GoalkeeperBoss


GoalkeeperBoss has died!


Told you so.



Oooooh nice. Idk who to shoot next. Maybe Jess?


Your options:

I could do the whole “look I’m a townsperson so you really have only 3 options” thing, but I’d rather not.

Plus I could conceivably want the gun (although I’d probably just tell you to shoot that person instead, but it could happen)


I think that you getting goalkeeperboss killed is pretty strong indication that you aren’t mafia. I’m sorry Jess

/shoot @quarky


Shelby_Lamp has died! @quarky has the gun!

@Ian4467 and @EricH have been prodded


I swear, if @Ian4467 is Mafia again


Haha I can promise this time im not the mafia!!


Any thoughts on who it is?


He’s back yay

@EricH now you