[Game 1 v2] FRCM4 - Popcorn Mafia


These are the only players left right?


I’m back, just seems like I’ve got an odd schedule compared to most.

And… not Mafia.


So there is one last mafia goon :eyes:


/shoot @Squirrel2412


Quarky has died! @Squirrel2412 has the gun!


Ian’s been quiet like he’s Mafia. Hmmm…



some time remains

Just had my wisdom teeth pulled and it hurts like a lot so I’ma be in and out today



It’s a 50-50 between @Ian4467 and @EricH. If I’m wrong, we lose.

Again. [sighs]



  • Much quieter than last game, but presumably due to schedule


  • Could be Mafia again (unlikely that he’d be Mafia 4 times in a row, but also unlikely that there are no repeat Mafia members, either)
  • Really quiet, presumably due to schedule
  • Unsure of which players are left… could be a ploy

Any last words before I shoot one of you?


I am not the mafia I can not stress the enough, if you shoot me WE WILL LOSE. If you can come up with a way to confirm I am a town citizen I will gladly do it I don’t think Eric will because he is mafia.


Bold accusation, you got any proof?


By the way, if @Squirrel2412 decides not to shoot, the Mafia win. May want to use a coin flilp if you can’t decide.


My proof is that I’m not mafia


It’s the classic “it can’t be me, so it must be you!” problem.

Because we have 1 confirmed town, 1 unconfirmed town, and 1 mafia left, so the confirmed town is going to be in for a rough time.


And everybody except the confirmed town is claiming to be town/not Mafia–which is to be expected.


Any other things you wanna say before I shoot?


I think I’ve made my case clear, I’m town. The end result is in your hands and therefore I will leave it up to you to make the right decision.


@EricH how about you


Also town. So one of us is lying. Shoot wisely.


Okay then.

/shoot @EricH


This is mostly based off of behavior (it’s also a bit of a guess, anyways)


EricH has died!

The Town wins!