[Game 1 v2] FRCM4 - Popcorn Mafia


Just goes to show that you can’t trust everybody…

And that @Squirrel2412 made the right call.

I’ll see you all next game!


Yessss!! Awesome game guys!!


Ayyyyy gg


Wow lol

That was seriously stressful XD

But anyways, good game y’all.


And 6 of the dead people bet right. Of course, two were the Mafia (@orangeandblack5 and @GoalkeeperBoss)


This was a good game (despite the fact @Shelby_Lamp chose to shoot me :cry:)


sorryyyyyyy. idk usually I think people who don’t talk too much are mafia but it’s okay we still won.


That’s what I was banking on at the end–Ian wasn’t exactly vocal until the last day or two, so I figured that by bringing that to light (when I’d been vocal but dropped off) I might be able to convince somebody to shoot him.

It didn’t work… and I was the only Mafia left (@mikexcao and @GoalkeeperBoss had already been taken down). Oh well.


Well, I thought it was odd that you didn’t immediately come to the ‘conclusion’ that @Ian4467 was ‘mafia’ given how you had played in previous games. Plus your shade throwing seemed a little too forced imo


Yeah in the end I definitely thought Eric was mafia because he was kinda just attacking Ian which made him seem more aggressive and mafia-like.


Saw what happened to @gellnick in FM3 when he tried the emphatic “I’m Town” trick*–went for the “plant suspicion” message instead and it didn’t quite work.

*For anybody that wasn’t watching that one, he tried claiming Town Tracker when cornered. I broke cover with a counter-claim of same, he was run out of town.


I thought i was doing decent and then i got shot what happened


My strategy of randomly picking someone and shooting them didn’t work. Disappointed.


thats what i was hoping for


Good game guys!


Same here, good game :slight_smile:
@EricH I don’t have a grudge against what you did to me by claiming Tracker after I bluffed. I had too much fun making it look as if I was town.

Maybe this would be a good time to discuss who’s going to host the next game…
I’m happy to, anyone else?
In either case,



@GoalkeeperBoss Happy Birthday!


huh, it aint my birthday? i missing something?


Uh, birthday cake?


literall just noticing that…