[Game 1 v2] FRCM4 - Popcorn Mafia


unless @Squirrel2412 is interested, but im assuming they have a comp as well.


I mean I would hope so…


Yea, though I can’t control him he’s our scouting lead so I hope he isn’t distracted …


Oh wow 3 whole Robototes

You gonna play next game?


Considering it, I watched this game and it was pretty interesting so I might hop on a later one.


Oh god if all three of you are Mafia…


You better watch your back :smiling_imp:


Unless I’m hosting…


Also CAD gets to decide how much to annoy elex and programming, so…


I would be significantly less analytic than either of my teammates since I’m much newer to this … I’ve played mafia before but it’s mainly a gut instinct for me


That’s what I thought before I went on a shooting spree


At least my k/d in mafia is still 1 even though I’ve only been town yet.


My k/d is a solid 3


I will be making a thread for signups soon, please join there (It’s going to be a poll, so just hit yes, I’m in)


I stay off my computer for two periods and guess what happens…

Anyways, @GoalkeeperBoss and @gellnick you are correct in that I have a competition, so probably not cohosting next game.


So I’m hosting as well?


Do you want to?


Yes if I could


Will do, I’m making the signup thread right now.


Here’s the signup thread, join the game here.