[Game 2] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


If the person who was shot at is town, the gunbearer dies. But then the person who was shot at gets the gun, so they cannot have died. Call it a freak accident with some weird ricochets and bad luck.


So either the gunbearer dies or we find out a member of the mafia?

Second game of mafia and it’s wildly different in mechanics than the first lol.


Oh. Somehow I missed that. I thought that the mafia got to pick each time a townie was hit, not just on a timeout death.


If they are Mafia, yes.

If they are Town, the gun-bearer dies, and their target gets the gun.


So the gunbearer dies if they shoot mafia and the mafia gives the gun to someone else?
The gunbearer dies if they shoot town, and their target gets the gun?

Does the gunbearer die either way?


alright look

Assume X, who is Town, shoots Y

If Y is scum, they die and a new phase begins

If Y is town, X dies and Y gets the gun for the next phase

It’s popcorn - a chain reaction.


Ok, that makes sense.

Scum gets shot, scum dies. Shooter keeps gun.
Town gets shot, shooter dies. Town gets gun.




Y’all are having way too hard of a time of this out lol


Looks like the mafia chose an inactive… I hope he gets the ping @Jo_nathan2337

Anyone want to make motion?


Just making sure I don’t mess up the game and get the town killed.

He might be in school, people seem to be more inactive during 8-3 or so, school hours.


So Who wants to die?


Sorry for taking time to reply


Nah your good.


Oh good you here :relieved:


So here’s the deal y’all, we aint gonna make any progress if no one talks. the only evidence we have is that they chose @Jo_nathan2337 for some un known reason, i would suspect its activity, but also damn well could be random. At this point we have no evidence unless we get people talking.


@Jo_nathan2337 your the one thats gonna die, what do you want to do? Anyone you find suspicious?


@waxton has been very quiet unlike last game…


Near the beginning they were pretty quiet, but they did become more active as the game went on.


I would hazard a guess that exactly one of @MARS_James, @BenjaminRowe, @EricKline, @Scout6088, and myself are mafia. Reason: activity.