[Game 2] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


And of course I claim town, so that would be a 1/4 group and a 2/4 group. (@Jo_nathan2337 is confirmed town)




I currently have no one specifically I want to aim at.


@waxton @ctt956 I may be asleep when I would send a prod in two and a half hours so just respond here when you long on please lol


To be clear - this is the wrong thread, Tesla is in game 3 lol



Obviously, @Jo_nathan2337 is town. As @MARS_James mentioned, @waxton has been suspiciously quiet…


Also possible he’s just afk? He hasn’t confirmed yet so I would suspect he’s just not on


@Jo_nathan2337 not sure when your planning on shooting but my understanding is that you have until 7 tomorrow…


@orangeandblack5 if he doesn’t shoot anyone does the mafia get to pick again?




@Jo_nathan2337 quick reminder that you must take a shot by 2019-03-01T15:00:00Z.


Oof rip town wtf @Jo_nathan2337 shoot someone or it’s a guaranteed mafia win right off the bat


I’m not quiet, just away from my computer


Called it. Nothing but net.


@orangeandblack5 would it theoretically be possible for the guy with the gun to say “tentatively shoot this guy” and then unless he changes his mind before the deadline, his shot just gets called at 8? That way if they sleep and their not sure if they will wake up in time they can not throw away their kill


Not that it applys in this situation specifically, I was more concerned if yours truly gets the gun


lol i just realized i didnt
oops :upside_down_face:


/shoot @MARS_James Why not


Oof some action


The suspense…