[Game 2] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


They said they don’t have time to do it without bugs, although I think they are trying to map it to a third controler. We’re competing at FIM: kettering 1



Forget the third controller, could get dropped or hit on accident

Just require a really elaborate set of button presses to enable it

For example, our climber has historically required (on an Xbox controller) the upper-chassis driver to hold both bumper buttons down and then press up on the D-pad (a combination that would be near impossible to hit on accident mid-match).

Do something like that. Add a digital lock, so it will require more than one button to activate. That should not require more than five minutes of bug fixing tops.


Can you have a timer from when you get enabled that only let’s the climber run after X seconds or something?


I think the drivers have it figured out .
The programmers are working on making it a single button (from three). The problem was hitting them in the wrong order. The programmers aren’t super close, and they plan to implement it after this comp.


Also, extremely sorry for derailing the game.
I promise it’s not 'cause I’m scum; I just needed to rant a little :man_shrugging:


@ash4fun is confirmed mafia guys :rofl::rofl:

He derailed the chat CAUSE HE’S SCUM :rofl::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sorry I am doing some renovations, I honestly have no idea who might be mafia so I might just take a shot at Random


Please don’t…


At least not entirely random. Their is enough evidence imo to at least cross off a few




Alright well I have reviewed the evidence and honestly its all useless from what i can see.


/shoot @EricKline

If you are town I wish you better luck than we have had in all the other games.

Paging @orangeandblack5


You know this is only true for the mafia, right? We were all kinda confused when you said this, but it makes you a little sus to me… :thinking:

(Can’t figure out how to imbed quote, so just follow link, I guess)


EricKline has died! The next phase begins!


So Erickline was mafia!

What are the chances?.. :smirk:




Cause of Jo_nathan2337 and MARS_James confirmed town



The chances of him rolling Mafia are 3/10


My logic was well @EricKline has been in all 3 games and hasn’t been mafia yet so logic says a blind nut finds the squirrel and all that. Lets see if I can continue!

/Shoot @waxton

Paging @orangeandblack5


MARS_James has died! Waxton has the gun!



Forgot to ping