[Game 2] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


oh wow that was a bad idea i think


who is still in the game?
and when do i have to shoot someone by?


Around six and a half hours remain.


Remaining players:

  • ash4fun
  • waxton
  • robert3827
  • Scout6088
  • ctt956
  • PratBuns
  • BenjaminRowe

If any kf that is wrong lmk, working 12 hours a day on SC over break so extremely busy sorry


ok I looked into everybody, and i didnt really find all that much evidence, but i do have some suspicions so i think ill go off that

the most suspicious thing ive seen so far is a half hearted attempt to accuse the mafia, because idk it just fells like you could have tried harder if you had a reason to

for that reason, /shoot @ctt956

if you’re town, please find something that i didnt


waxton has died! @ctt956 has the gun!


So @EricKline did have another chat, but @waxton did not… Most, if not all of the players who are still alive were town in the other games, myself included.


Honestly we need something to go off of but I don’t know how to actually expose the mafia.


pop pop pop


@robert3827 and @pratBruns have only posted twice. @EricKline was wondering why I didn’t accuse @BenjaminRowe for his last post. However, he was mafia in the last game, and I don’t think @EricKline would redirect me to one of his fellow mafia members. @ash4fun correctly accused @EricKline, but he also accused himself. It is not likely that mafia would accuse each other. His team did compete this weekend, so his excuse for inactivity is valid. @Scout6088’s posts are just about game mechanics and activity, except for “not wanting to get the town killed.”

@robert3827’s only post other than his confirmation was claiming that he’s not sure how to find the mafia.

Though shouldn’t @pratBruns and @Scout6088 be prodded since neither has posted in 2 days? I’m not sure if taking out someone who might be replaced is the best idea…

**/shoot @robert3827 **



I am here and reading, so no need to poke


robert3827 has died! A new phase begins!


Good shot @ctt956!

One more to go :grin:!


I’m here. I’ve been super busy, my dog passed away, I was behind on my college class, had a test in my math class. Then this weekend I was home very little.


So right now, we have 5 players left:
One of whom is mafia.
Obviously @ctt956 is not mafia, as he has the gun, leaving four. As such, with random shooting, town currently has a 1-(3/4*2/3*1/2) = 3/4 = 75% chance of winning.

While this post doesn’t really try to incriminate anybody (although I am working on that), I would like to share this general optimism that we’re doing much better than last game’s ~6%.


Also, in this situation, everybody alive (not ctt) can accurately say “If I just don’t get shot, I’ll win.”


Sorry for your loss.

That leaves @pratBruns as my only current suspect. His posting strategy has been similar to @robert3827’s, so they may have collaborated somehow.

/shoot @pratBruns



ctt956 has died! @pratBruns has the gun!



I think that @Scout6088 's excuse is valid, which does not exempt him from being mafia, but makes him unsuspicious imo.

@ctt956 's reason for trusting @BenjaminRowe is shaky imo, since the only thing going for him is the fact that @EricKline mentioned (not even a serious accusation) him. Even if it were a serious accusation, it’s a reasonably common strategy for mafia to out one another to lock themselves in as town. “Distancing,” it might be called… (but I’m too lazy to look it up).

Therefore, of the two people left, I think @BenjaminRowe is more likely to be mafia.


Also, as there is only one mafia left, there is absolutely nothing suspicious about defending another player.
(Except the fact that a mafia could hide since it’s unsuspicious)