[Game 2] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


Just realized my argument against @BenjaminRowe applies to me as well, so here’s a little explanation…

@ctt956’s main argument for me being town rests on me correctly accusing @EricKline. However, this accusation came after the shot against him. According to my previous logic, this should not count.

My explanation why it should still count is that I was on mobile and couldn’t see any posts made after I started to type. The 18 minutes between my post and his were filled with thinking about what to post, and getting ready to leave for Kettering.

(Also my reasoning against @BenjaminRowe isn’t really based on @EricKline’s accusation; it’s based on inactivity with no excuse and general unhelpfulness. Just thought that clarification was needed)


Do it @pratBruns, you won’t.


I am most suspicious by @ash4fun do to his extreme involvment and how adamently he is pushing that @BenjaminRowe is mafia. My thought process is, if I kill @ash4fun, and he is mafia, town wins, but if he is town, then I will die/lose, and he will kill @BenjaminRowe, who is my next likely suspect, so I will at least feel some satisfaction that I almost got it right. Or we might just all be town and @Scout6088 is the real mafia… so /shoot @ash4fun


prat ded ash gun




Now, @ash4fun, in the event you want to win this, I encourage you to shoot Scout. Can’t make you, but all I’m saying is shooting me would be very upsetting and leave me with a member of a mafia alone.


I think that all of a sudden jumping on me is kinda suspicious.


Well actually, considering the fact that the remaining players are:


And Ash has the gun, which means he is Town, and I know I’m town, who am I supposed to believe is mafia again?


I see your point. I guess I didn’t realize that we were the only three left.


All g, point is, if he shoots me, you win and if he shoots you we win.


Also, he can not shoot in which case he dies and you win. You have a 2/3rds chance winning,


Whelp, here we are.

Whichever way I shoot, the game ends.

I’m fully aware that I could be wrong, but changing my guess only flips my own probabilities of who is more likely to be scum.

Now, it looks like @BenjaminRowe is doing a bit of hustling, and I don’t like it very much. However, @Scout6088 responded that it was “kinda suspicious” despite (if scout is town) being absolutely certain that benjamin is mafia. As such, I’m probably going to shoot scout in an hour or so, so that you guys can talk some more


@BenjaminRowe has sudden behavior change
@Scout6088 is trying too hard to blend in
I think blending in is the mafia thing to do.


Ok, come on. You know I haven’t been following the game as closely as some people. I see why you think it’s me but your gonna make a huge mistake if you shoot me. If you think I’m mafia you’re sorely wrong. If you want to win this game then shoot @BenjaminRowe


I don’t fear death. I dare you, @ash4fun, Shoot me. Lose the game for the other 5. They’re counting on you.


He’s bluffing. Mafia would use bluff like that to get you to think their town. I’ve seen this used in so many games.


I don’t think a town would ever bluff like that, so

\shoot @BenjaminRowe

ping @orangeandblack5


@Scout6088, @EricKline, and @robert3827 have won the game!




Gg town. This game mode was kinda wacky but it was still fun. Can’t wait for round 5