[Game 2] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


Well played guys!

Although if you were town, @BenjaminRowe, why did you threaten me? Now I’m just really confused…


So who’s hosting the next one? Anyone interesting in Co hosting maybe?


I’d be fine with hosting, although I’d want to take a few (~5) days off first, and I have absolutely no experience with setups.


Yeah me neither that’s why I thought co hosting might be fun


Good game people, that was entertaining.


I’m happy to help host if y’all want


I’d be happy to host.

Awesome game guys. It was fun to be Mafia.

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Being Mafia and convincing everyone you’re a really active Townie or even better really active Town power role is by far the best.
I loved it last game…
Sighs No ones ever going to trust me until they kill me and discover I’m the cop…


Thats always great, when your running a game and the reactions when people realize they killed a power role.

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Yup… That’s gonna finally prove to everyone I’m gonna act the same anyway.
@host Mind making me the cop next game?
Although Mafia Cop would be interesting.


I hope this doesn’t sound insensitive, but I have to ask. Did your dog really die or was that just a way to get some suspicion off of you?

If your dog did pass, I send my condolences. That really sucks.

If it didn’t, that was an awesome strategy and probably why you won.


id be willing to host/co host


I’m done to co-host with someone :grin:


Maybe we do a bigger group of hosts since we’ve got a growing pool of players. Then hosts could also participate in games that other in the group are running.

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Yeah, my dog of 14 years passed last Sunday. Thank you

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We have been invited to Season 6 of the Mafia Championship. Discuss here: