[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


Although if I hit a townie, I die.



make it not random :slight_smile:


Staying silent works in favor of the mafia. As of now I am planning on shooting an inactive player


Ok, so just to clarify. @Bepwei was chosen by the mafia to be the gun-bearer, meaning he is definitely a townie. He now has the choice to “shoot” anyone. If he hits a mafia he remains the gunman and shoots again. If he hits a townie he dies and a new gunman is chosen by the mafia. Is that all correct?

If so, the only thing we know for certain at this point is that Bepwei is a townie and…well, that’s it.

Any suggestions on how we can help @Bepwei make a more informed decision?


Also, is @Tesla_XK the only one that hasn’t confirmed? Is he still in the game, @orangeandblack5 ?


The Mafia can’t directly kill anyone, so we can’t gain any info from who they target. Maybe there is a clear reason they chose @Bepwei as the shooter?


Imo I don’t think random is the way to go rn.



The person he shot gets the gun


I’m gonna start badgering people once I’ve finished writing a program


I’m surprised the mafia chose bepwei. He was one of the first people to confirm, and all of the other thread’s mafia chose someone who was yet to confirm.

[Game 1] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia

hmmm kinda suspicious


Maybe they were hoping to get rid of an active townie right off the bat?

I imagine the mafia prefer a quiet town, so people dont start figuring things out. And being the first gun bearer is a tough job, likely to lead to the death of the gun-bearer.


Also just so everyone knows:if the gunslinger shoots a townie, only the gunslinger dies. The townie becomes the new gunslinger.


So I think an inactive person is the way to go, but then they get the gun. So an inactive person with a gun isn’t good for town either


So really after that first pick the mafia have no say in anything unless the shooter is inactive?


Good point! I didnt pick that up when reading the rules earlier.


So ot may not be in our best interest to shoot inactive people.


So are you suggesting I shoot one of y’all?




Wait a second…I never said that. Lol