[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


Unless some other evidence comes out. I want to give the most amount of people to time to say thing.

Also, can I add I don’t like being the gun holder. I don’t wanna die first turn.


I would recommend that you pick someone and put a little pressure on them with an accusation. Since you currently hold the power, people will be a little more likely to listen to you and defend themselves, causing more discussion, something that town needs to win. It will carry a little more weight than my accusation of @clonedcheese, or his accusation of @Pooja_Anil.


Have you done this before


Honestly, the only thing that we have to go one is what everyone has said so far. I can’t even remember who it was, but someone rolled a die to randomly accuse someone, and then the admitted they did it just so people wouldn’t think they are mafia. Sounds like a pretty good strategy for a mafia goon.


I have casually played some mafia before. And I followed the previous games. But this is my first time ever doing popcorn mafia, and first time ever with forum mafia.


As of now I am most suspicious of @brandn03. This is because when I said:

He responded with:

Leading me to believe that he doesn’t want to be shot. If a townie is shot I die not the person I shoot.

Defense? Objections?


Of course I dont want you to shoot me. You are a town citizen and so am I. If you shoot me, you die. Meaning the mafia is closer to winning.


I mean, you are welcome to try it, but I promise you will be disappointed.


Who do you propose that I shoot then?


From my earlier post:

That’s the best I got.


@Tesla_XK you confirmed in the wrong game buddy

You’re here lol


So I mean the most suspicious right now is @brandn03, but this early in the game its just so hard to tell.


That was actually me. I suggest that you glance back through the posts I have made because I have been quite helpful to the town.

My primary motivation for a random accusation was to cause discussion. Mission accomplished. Hinting that I am town was kind of an added bonus. I figured that someone might mention it at some point so I decided to say it myself. And once again,


What town person would take a chance picking randomly when they could pick their own name? Of course anyone would because the accusation carries no weight and is likely to be ignored. But can be used to take suspicion off yourself, especially if you point it out to everyone right after.


What makes me suspicious?


Well, honestly you just seem that way. It’s not really anything you’ve said you just “seem” suspicious.


I would be hesitant to go off of what someone seems like in this game. Historically speaking the mafia rarely seem like mafia, and creating witch hunts based off of it has been the cause of town deaths in the past. I’d argue that C_macc has acted the most suspicious, immiediately calling discobot as a defense, but I would not be shocked if he was a townie.


Sounds reasonable?

Or like someone taking up for their mafia buddy who I accused.


I don’t think the mafia would be likely to stand up for their allies this early in the game, as “defending” someone who turns out to be mafia is perhaps the easiest way to draw suspicion to yourself.


Good point. But when someone just randomly says “you just seem suspicious” without giving a reason, after I accused someone…that seems suspicious.