[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


It seems like we’ve gone in a circle.

When people first tried random, we determined that random was not the correct answer. However, the conclusion has also been reached that people who seem like mafia based on what they say in chat are often not the mafia. We also decided not to shoot inactive players, but now seem to lean towards players who don’t seem to be doing much of anything because mafia aren’t usually active, giving the mafia an advantage then if the unactive player is in fact a townsperson.

@Bepwei , where’s your mind at rn?


If I had rolled my number I would just say “oops I somehow picked myself, let me re-roll”


We do need to come to a decision. I would be more inclined to shoot someone who has posted a little but not too much, that way we know theyll be active enough to partake in their turn, and we have a chance at taking out a quiet mafia member.


Fair enough. It is still not risky, because like I said no one is going to take a random dice roll accusation seriously. So even if a mafia member does it and picks another mafia member, it’s not like everyone is going to agree with it.

Thw dice roll itself isn’t suspicious. The suspicious part was when you pointed it out to everyone that a mafia member would never do that.


Let me preface this by saying I’m at robotics and will be slow to respond.

I still think @brandn03 is suspicious, but he gave a decent defense. I also re read through the thread and noticed that @C_MacC is always saying he isn’t mafia without even being accused. It may be the way he plays mafia but it is still suspicious.


I think One of them is mafia. The mafia likely wouldn’t argue with eachother unless they are REALLY smart.


Or we are both town and just really bad at this game :rofl:


Defending @C_MacC?


No. Making fun of myself.


I mean you saying both town imply you think @C_MacC is townie


No, saying both town is implying that I could be completely wrong and way off base with my accusations. Making us both townies.

It was a joke.


Sorry I’m trying out this whole I’m in power and I should accuse a bunch of people. Lol


Lol. No worries! That’s what makes the game fun.


So any other ideas people? Still between @brandn03 and @C_MacC. Kinda leaning toward Mac though


Obviously you know who I would choose and you’ve already heard all my arguments.

While I hope you dont choose me, because I dont want to see us lose a townie, it will at least clear my name.


That sounded suspicious…?


I need to get to bed so I’ll defend myself tomorrow morning. Just if you do shoot someone, go for someone on the less active side.


Well, it appears there are 3 scenarios here:

  1. @Bepwei shoot @C_MacC and he is mafia. I am obviously not mafia.

  2. @Bepwei shoot @C_MacC and he is townie. @C_MacC becomes gun-bearer and immediately shoots me. I am proven to be townie and become gun-bearer

  3. @Bepwei shoots me. I am proven to be townie and become gun-bearer.


You shooting tonight, @Bepwei? Or should I go to bed?


@Bepwei quick reminder that you must take a shot by 2019-03-01T15:00:00Z.