[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


@clonedcheese @Hailey.faiella @Treecko120 thoughts on the options. My classes start at 8 15 tomorrow. So I can wait, but shooting at 8 is like the latest time I can. I would prefer to shoot tonight.




Do a less active player, I mean like if you do someone active than your gonna kill an active player first than leave the inactive ones here still (sorry if that didnt make sense, I got caught up in robot stuff).


If I hit a townie I die and they get the guy shooting an active player, if I’m wrong I give the gun to another active townie


I don’t think both of you are town. I think one of you is. Planning on shooting @C_MacC unless there are objections


Gonna wait till morning will shoot around 7. Heading to bed soon. I need any objections by 7:00 CST


seems good to me. If he’s not mafia I’ll be sad to lose you, but hopefully we’ll be able to figure out the mafia in your absence. And if you’re right congrats on killing a mafia on your first guess.


good night everyone


If shooting me is what it takes to clear my name, than so be it. I just want to refer everyone to the mafia 2 game, specifically the first 2 days. @EricKline posts a ton, starts being viewed as suspicious, then is voted out night 2, and is found to be a townie.


Makes sense. Usually mafia arent the top posters in the thread. I am actually not convinced you are mafia, tbh. But this early in the game there is so little to go on.


I can say exactly the same about you.


Who do you propose?


Maybe a less active person. But not totally inactive?


Yeah do that one


This may be a bit radical, but let’s go with it. If I die thanks all for playing with me, I had a ton of fun on day 1.

/shoot @Hailey.faiella



Oh, dang!


Bepwei has died! @Hailey.faiella has the gun!

Phase 2 begins! It will end 2019-03-02T14:40:00Z.


Ah great why did yall choose me out of everyone? :joy:


I would just like to take this oppurtunity to point out that I didnt not choose you. Lol


Also, RIP @Bepwei.