[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


Hmmmmmmmmmm who to pick…


Choose wisely


So… I know that every mafia has different strategies, but in game 1 they just killed a mafia whose strategy appeared to be talking as little as possible. Just food for thought.


Get outta here :angry:


Alright yall im gonna run things similar to another game, FIRST OFF:
Confirm that you are still active


Hi. I am still active.




Still here. Just driving all day to our first competition.


wooooo im alive


I am active, may have stuff going on during the day bc of school


Simply taking a look at the frequent poster list:
The two confirmed town @Bepwei (RIP) and @Hailey.faiella are in the top 50% with respect to number of posts. @brandn03 and myself and @Treecko120 make up the remaining top 5 posters. We have agreed that town talks more than mafia, so the 3 unconfirmed are more likely to be town, but it is not guaranteed. Following this logic, it is more likely that the mafia is composed of those in the lower half:

A small theory I thought of is that @Tesla_XK is less likely to be mafia than the others because if he were, then the mafia would probably be blowing up their chat asking where he is. However, a glance at his profile shows he was last seen 23 hours ago, so he might be missing the notifications (@orangeandblack5 any chance of a replacement?)

My theory has a few flaws.

  • It does not take into account the content of messages.
  • It does not take into account personal situations that dictate how much time can be spent posting here.


Where could I find those numbers? Bc although she is confirmed I do not believe Hailey is one of the top five posters.


Also just say Game 1 and wow that was a quick win lol


At the bottom of the OP


Ahhh ok

Darn I thought I posted more than that…oops


Also protip: on desktop you can click someone’s name once and there is a button that says “x posts in topic”, clicking on that shows every post that they have made in the topic.


@Tesla_XK has been prodded.

If they do not respond by the end of this phase they will be replaced.


Alright I’m going to shoot tonight. If I die it was a pleasure tricking bepwei into thinking I was the Mafia. Also twas a pleasure playing with y’all!

/shoot @Pooja_Anil



Hailey has died! @Pooja_Anil has the gun!


rip hailey
also @C_MacC I’d like to say I have not been active for the past few hours since I have school and the other ones probably do also (except maybe Tesla who has been prodded)