[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia



So we shot a moderately active player, we shot a mostly inactive player, so it seems we should now shoot a very active player



/shoot @C_MacC
i have an SO comp tomorrow


what’s SO


Science Olympiad

Great program


Pooja_Anil has died! @C_MacC has the gun!


Welp, if we lose one more town we are done.

Good luck, @C_MacC!


Wait really?

I wasn’t counting tbh

Mostly because I can’t edit the op to know who’s still alive :angry:


wait why?


Forum management decided you can’t edit posts 24 hours after making them

Easily worst part of the site settings


wow I don’t look at this for like six hours and we’re so close to losing


people can we stop shooting so fast
let us discuss first and not have another casualty


Hey guys just so y’all know I’m doing the M3 Challenge today so I won`t be very active today.


12 hours or so left


Any ideas


like 4 hours probably left


Still alive:

  1. @brandn03
  2. @Tesla_XK
  3. @jackTHEnerd
  4. @Treecko120
  5. @clonedcheese
  6. @darth_tabor
  7. @C_MacC

3 of which are mafia, and 3 are town (not including me). I almost want to do a random dice roll because the odds are 50-50. But I’ll save that as a last resort if we can’t figure anything out.

If we continue with the assumption that @Tesla_XK is not mafia, that makes the odds even better.

Any thoughts?


Honestly, I dont have much insight. If I had to pick I would say @darth_tabor or @Treecko120. Not much to back that up with though.


I kind of agree with you, but I am not certain enough. Anything specific you can point to?


By the way I’m just waiting on a replacement for Tesla but nobody has said they’ll join yet


For some reason this comment @darth_tabor made seemed suspicious. But really dont know.