[Game 3] FRC Mafia 4 - Popcorn Mafia


@GtheMan3044 has replaced @Tesla_XK


Ah why not
/Shoot @Treecko120


@C_MacC has died!

In the interests of keeping the game going, and because it’s really not fair to the Town…

@Tesla_XK/@GtheMan3044 has died!

They were Mafia btw

@Treecko120 has the gun!


around 10 hours remain




At this point I think its Brandn03. Not really sure though so if anyone has any last minute evidence now would be the time to present it.


My team is playing in the semi-finals right now, so no time to defend myself. I would suggest you pick someone else though.


Not finding much evidence for anything unless you want to look at activity, but that hasn’t shown to be a great indicator.


around one hour left


Um i think i missed the deadline but ill /shoot @brandn03 if i made it in time.


Doesnt matter. I’m town. So game over.


yep pretty much

@darth_tabor and @clonedcheese win!


im surprised we were both accused at one point but every time the shooter chose the other one


Worked out well, good job :slight_smile:


Well, I was right about @darth_tabor.


Welp rip. Good game.


Wow super crazy that I randomly chose you at the beginning of the game, but nothing happened. You did a good job of dodging my suspicion.


Could this have been a reference to posting a lot in the mafia chat? Because if so I completely missed that slip.


This came soon after I picked @clonedcheese, one mafia buddy trying to cover for the other.


gg fam

I was certain I would be taken out when @brandn03 accused me and Treecko