Game and Administrative Manual Updates - 1/28

Section 4.8: Power Distribution

The only legal source of electrical energy for the ROBOT during the competition, the ROBOT battery, is one of the following approved 12VDC non-spillable lead acid batteries:

Enersys (P/N: NP18-12)
MK Battery (P/N: ES17-12)
Battery Mart (P/N: SLA-12V18)
Sigma (P/N: SP12-18)
Universal Battery (P/N: UB12180)
Power Patrol (P/N: SLA1116)
Werker Battery (P/N: WKA12-18NB)
Power Sonic (P/N: PS-12180 NB)
Yuasa (P/N: NB18-12B)

The [Administrative manual update]( 156) is too long to put here, but the bottom line is that you can now submit your Chairman’s video by either using a DVD like before or on a USB Flash Drive. Information on Comcast’s Media and Technology information award was also added.