Game apapter un-pingable

I had the game adapter configured for a G network, with a different SSID. I restored it to factory settings, since I had changed quite a few settings and I thought it would be easier to configure it from a fresh state.

After that I could not access the administration website, at either the default IP( or the previous IP. In both cases I could not ping it, and the PC Ip/subnet were configured correctly.

The power, Ethernet (when connected), wireless, and security lights light. There are no networks it could be connected to, and it is not broadcasting any networks. It was ever configured with security enabled.

What else can I try to get it working again?

Try accessing it at .251

Did someone press the security button on the front of the bridge? See this thread:

That worked, thanks. I was hoping it was something simple.

The security light is the clue to its having reconfigured itself, with one of the changes being the IP address it responds to.