Game Bummers

Wouldn’t it be cooler if the shield generator gated between stages 1 and 2 instead of stage 2 and 3?

It’s kind of a bummer.

Discuss this and any other bummers below.


no water game :pensive:


Explaining the Beachball/Pizza/Roulette wheel of Death/Boredom/Annoyance to the audience will be nearly impossible.
Why does the shield generator not just need 49 balls/power units? Why is there a spinney thing ya gotta do inbetween?


bad vibes

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Instructions unclear, is this thread about bums?


No coopertition.

I mean we are trying to save FIRST city and yet have separate shield generators.

Coopertition balance points and RPs for all.


I was just discussing this with another Mentor. It seems like it’s an obvious missed opportunity. I think we’d have needed a 3rd switch though, and that may get a bit tight, given the orientation of the endgame.

There has to have been a good reason to leave this out.

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Yeah, coopertition sucks.


While it’s not the most simple objective ever, it’s not that hard. Something like:

Spinning the wheel can get you bonus points. The first time, you spin the wheel three times. The second time, you spin the wheel to a randomly selected color.

The audience doesn’t need all the details.


The inner goal should have been called the “Unshielded Thermal Exhaust Port”.


the lack of coopertition was kinda disappointing - both alliances have the symbol of the rebel alliance, yet they have no cooperation

either have opposing factions, or have coopertition


Assuming this isn’t sarcasm…

Because the last two times there’s been a Coopertition element to the game, it was either mostly ignored (yellow totes in 2015), or used to game the rankings. 254’s lowest rank, like, EVER happened in 2012, when they couldn’t get a Coopertition balance at one of their regionals. 27/46, 7-3 record. (For reference: 1 week earlier, 9-1, 3rd seed.) 1678 was 12th with 8-2.

While I’m not opposed to Coopertition elements in general, they need to be a) doable with a typical robot*, b) have minimal negative effect on the rankings if you miss**, and c) not take all match to do.* Oh, and d) not be doable by a single alliance.

*Not 2015–most robots stacked on the floor, inside their robots. You needed an outside stacker to do Coopertition.
**See references to 254 above–and this one is nearly impossible.

Incidentally, 2015 was the last time that element was used. There were all kinds of issues with that game, and not just the Coopertition bonus. Next one to bring up “Noodle Agreement”… (For those that weren’t around, HQ had to panic-fix a loophole that would run up all the scores. The loophole later reappeared in a milder form, a more acceptable form…)

Extremely disappointed with the difficulty of explaining this to some random observer.

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Yeah, it would be pretty cool if one of them was the rebels, and the other would be the empire, that’s what tought it would be before the kickoff. Really bad vibes for that :neutral_face: :disappointed:


I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home. They’re not much bigger than two meters.

I hope this gets said during a game this season.


No bonus for disabling your targeting computer.


I have been, and will continue to do so, calling it that since the reveal. Having had to focus on Boy Scout and Girl Scout projects since I got home from the Kickoff on Saturday (the problem of physically not being able to say NO when asked to help/volunteer for something, hence I am a Troop Leader for both as well as FTA here), I haven’t had a real chance to sit and absorb the Game Manual yet, so didn’t know it WASN’T called that until now.

Human players can’t attempt to score PCs during the endgame


By my reading, the Human Player chucking the Power Cell to the Power Port is only a 3 point FOUL. It doesn’t seem to break G9.

And if they make it is only a 1 pt FOUL (or not at all if in the back port).

So the scenario is your alliance is at 48 cells with 30 seconds left. All your robots are away from the HP loading station and no cells are left nearby your Power Port. In that case, I guess it is possible that a successful throw would help you finish stage 3 to get an RP (with only a small cost).

**Saying it might take 20 second to cycle + needing to finish the control panel versus successful throw and ~30 second to finish control panel.

H6. POWER CELLS through LOADING BAYS only. POWER CELLS may only be introduced to the
A. during TELEOP,
C. through the LOADING BAY.
Violation: FOUL per POWER CELL.

G9. No full court shots. A ROBOT whose BUMPERS are fully contained by their SECTOR may not
cause POWER CELLS to travel into or through their opponent’s SECTOR.
Violation: TECH FOUL per POWER CELL.


First picks are in the left driver station, 2nd picks are in the right driver station. The opposite arrangement to what I think most alliances would want.