Game concept: FIRST Throw Down (ice hockey)

Reading this doc got me thinking. What are the core elements of FRC that haven’t been recently explored?

I love the idea of a game that doesn’t allow one to possess a piece. You can have momentary contact with it, like kicking, hitting, or ramming a game piece, but you don’t get to ever “hold it”. That’s super intriguing to me.

I also like the idea of a game that has a goal you can “go around the back of” which might lead to some interesting game play cycle paths.

Finally, I love the idea of game pieces one has to “fight” an opponent for. The battle for cones and cubes from the center of the field this year as been super interesting to me, and I wish I could see it for longer.

For this game in particular, I would be really interested in an endgame with a “golden puck”. One enters the playing field at a semi-random location at 30 seconds, and teams have to fight to try to score it. Make it some sort of last-second hockey brawl of the sort. Maybe doing something cool in the autonomous period gives you insider information on the location of the puck-drop, so you can get to it sooner.



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Yep, but with an open field and today’s accessibility to cots and swerve.

The field dimensions should be the standard 27ft x 54ft, as it has been used since 2013. What exactly would the field surface be made out of, since ice isn’t something that can be maintained at a venue. Maybe have the same type of field surface used for Lunacy (2009).

I do like this idea though, it has some good potential.

Sheets of HDPE?

Yeah I was thinking “if possible use the lunacy floor material and wheels” or if not just use the standard carpet

Ooo love this idea! We still have our Lunacy wheels! I refuse to get rid of them because I know they’ll be useful again some day. We had a piece of the flooring at one point in our shop. We have some recycled it into other parts but it was indeed very slippery. We let students try the wheels on it during open houses. They were always like… But it’s like ice. So yes Lunacy floor plus wheels is perfect for this!

Edit: I’ll look for scraps and send pics tomorrow

Driver stations could go on either side, with HP stations in between, like 2020 Infinite Recharge?

I made a concept for a hockey game yeeeears ago. I think it’s still around here somewhere? Some of my ideas were similar, I started out with just 1 puck on the field though and had an… interesting idea about swapping out robots, that I’m not sure holds up but :woman_shrugging: Let me see if I can find it…

Here we go: My game design (loosely based on hockey) - #11 by bduddy

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very odd/interesting design. not sure how well swapping bots would work

You might want to consider either increasing the size of the scoring location or not allowing opposing robots in their own goalie box. It seems like a well-driven robot could shut down the lower 50% of teams, making the game pretty inaccessible (like the boiler shooting of 2017).

well yeah I havent worked out dimensions (too lazy) but the goal would be big enough that you could still get around and score past a good defense bot

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It would require a lot of coopertition, that’s for sure. Actually, I probably mention it in that topic somewhere, but my thought process behind the game was, I was thinking of how one could have a longer game, the best way I could think of was more robots per alliance, and to keep the field from getting too crowded, I thought of swapping. What sport has frequent swapping? Hockey!.. then I went from there.

good point

sure ill add that into the diagram

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I thought this would be a “side activity”–members from different teams form teams and play ice hockey against eachother.

Either one would be fun. Especially vision targeting